Yellow Pages connects customers to great local businesses making their world a little easier to navigate.

With their online reviews and ratings system, you can share your experiences of a business with everyone else. It’s a great way to promote a local business that you love (or let them know they need to pull up their socks!).

Here are 4 easy steps on how to write a review on Yellow Pages:


1.Sign in with your Yellow Page account.

2. Search for a business to review.

2. Find and click Write a Review.

4. Write and rate and your experience.

5. You can choose to share your review directly on Facebook by checking the box.

5. Click All Done.

Or watch this video tutorial on How to Leave a Review for Local Businesses here.


Review guidelines


  • Ensure that your review is courteous, helpful and fair.
  • While Yellow Pages appreciate sincerity, they won’t accept reviews that contain bad language or defamatory comments.
  • Fake reviews, bias reviews or reviews procured in exchange for payment are strictly prohibited.


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